People who get the runaround from an insurer after being injured in a vehicle accident are likely to feel frustrated and upset. Trying to deal with denied claims or unreasonably low settlement offers feels overwhelming when they are recovering from an injury. They might wonder about whether it would be worthwhile to consult a personal injury lawyer in the area for help. Personal injury attorneys may spend their days working as Warriors for Justice, making the field more even for the individual fighting a big insurance corporation. They want to help people get the financial compensation they deserve.

Parking lot accidents are common, though they usually are only fender-benders. The insurance of the driver who was at fault pays for repairs to the other vehicle under the liability component of the policy. More serious incidents do occur, however. An example is a vehicle hitting a pedestrian in the lot. The situation becomes complicated when an insurer disputes the claim for any reason. For example, the parking lot may have designated crosswalks for pedestrians, but people often ignore them and take shortcuts. If someone is struck by a car outside of a crosswalk, the insurance company may dispute the claim. Now this person needs Warriors for Justice to help resolve the claim denial.

This type of situation doesn’t mean the injured person deserves no compensation. If the case were to proceed to court, a judge might rule that the pedestrian was partially at fault, but that the driver was more at fault. The driver is expected to travel through a parking lot slowly and carefully, watching for vehicles moving out of spaces and for people walking through the lot. The driver is the one operating equipment that can become dangerous to other individuals. The driver cannot become distracted by store signs, classic cars in the lot, the radio, the cell phone or anything else that takes attention away from driving. If an insurer denies a claim or offers an unreasonably low settlement for this reason, the injured person may contact a law firm such as Hutchison & Stoy for a free consultation.